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Linda Cummins


I have been in love with research since my undergraduate research seminar and have been involved in research ever since. Over the years I have conducted research (both quant and qual) involving children; adolescents; foster parents; homeless women, youth, mentally ill, and addicts; organizations; communities; and web based survey research. My other academic interests include writing books on clinical practice and policy practice in social work, and model development. I am currently working on evolving an ethic of care policy analysis model with application to elder care policies. Besides work, I love being on my farm and raising goats, chickens, and horses and working in my greenhouse and gardens. My daughters and grandchildren join me in these pleasures as members of our multi-generational organic farm on the South Coast of Oregon. We also operate an organic food business called 'Abba's Farm' and will soon open a tea house and organic bakery. What can I say, I get bored easily!

Favorite Subjects

Anthropology, Philosophy, Agriculture, Creative Writing, Career Writing, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Family and Consumer Science, Health Sciences, Nursing, Public Administration, Social Work


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