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Linda Neuman


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Linda Neuman loves teaching English. Her philosophy on teaching is simple: "All students can learn. But it's important for a teacher to be flexible, and to try to find a student's motivation--we are all motivated by different things for different reasons. Find the motivator and you have found the key!" She is a big proponent of experiential learning, task-based learning, and technology in the classroom.

Neuman started teaching in 2000, following a successful career as an international journalist/producer. Prior to her journeys abroad she hosted the local segment of National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" in Rockford, Illinois, and often covered the "education beat" for the newsroom. Having observed numerous educators in action, she became intrigued with the many different ways students learn. She is especially interested in student-centered learning. "My latest fascination is the flipped classroom. It makes so much sense to have the students first watch a tutorial at home, then use classroom time to apply the concepts being learned, instead of the other way around. I love the way it motivates students to work together and get creative about problem-solving."

Neuman teaches English as a Second Language in the DC/Baltimore/Annapolis region, and is also an editor, writer, and general subjects tutor. Her passions are reading, writing, humor, the arts, and new technologies. She also loves traveling, hiking, archery, cycling, and good conversation.

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