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Lizzie Strobel


Grade(s): 12


I am currently a senior at good ol' BHS. I am only taking two AP classes this year, chemistry and calculus, because I didn't want my senior year to be loaded down with waaaaaaaay too much homework.... I'm also a bit of a procrastinator..... sooooo.... yeah........ Currently, my goals for the future include: becoming a New York Times best selling author, living in London for at least a year (unless I end up hating it), and building a fully functional iron man suit. I am most likely going to go on to college and study some kind of science...... it's a tie between forensic chemistry/biology and biotechnology......
Fun Fact! I originally wanted to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones when I grew up..... until I realized that being an archaeologist was actually really really really really boring and not at all like what happens in the movies....... though I do still find ancient civilizations fascinating......

Favorite Subjects

Chemistry, Creative Writing, Music, Theater, Space Sciences, Biology, Criminal Justice

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