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Lloyd Murphy


Grade(s): Middle School


I am a middle Math school teacher. I teach Algebra, General Mathematics, and Honors courses. I find that the student willing to learn to be the most successful, but the student unwilling to learn to be the reason I started teaching. I want to help all students understand the power that math knowledge can provide to those that truly understand its potential. The career opportunities available to those comfortable with the subject of Math are innumerable.

Let the power of Math help you understand how the world works.

I make a guarantee to ALL my students that they will not FAIL any of my courses, if they make the following FOUR promises:
1) I will listen.
2) I will always try.
3) I will never give up.
4) I will always ask questions to gain understanding.

Favorite Subjects

Basic Mathematics, Study Skills, Geometry, Time Management, Chemistry, Architecture, Photography, Business, Mathematics, Linguistics, Learning Strategies, Computer Science, Reading, Speech / Rhetoric, Sociology, Education, Public Administration


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