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Lorien Gustafson


Grade(s): Middle School


Philosophy of Teaching: Simply stated as "Teach for Understanding"
Teaching Style: Trying to implement differentiation through technology with less lectures
Teaching Position: Seventh grade language arts and journalism for the Department of Defense in Stuttgart, Germany.

I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues to integrate across the curriculum. Developing student projects that meet the learning standards in several subjects redeem positive results from the students performance. I like to incorporate new technology methods for students to be engaged in their learning. My favorite part of the year is when students develop their first research paper to include note taking, bibliography, and in-text citations following the MLA format. It is one of those teachable moments that students begin with anxiety of the whole process to the joy they see in their accomplishments. Overall, I am passionate about my students' academic growth.

My interests outside of school evolve around spending quality time with my family. Between running, biking, and fitness, I also like to spend my summers traveling and reading.

Favorite Subjects

Composition, Creative Writing, Literature, Reading

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