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Maketia Barr


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


This is my 4th year as a Special Education Teacher. I love helping students. It is amazing to watch a student work hard and see the moment at which it "clicks". It is an awesome feeling to be hear "Thanks Ms. Barr" or "You are my favorite teacher" or even "Ms. Barr, you are cool."

Everyone can learn.... The trick is finding out how each student learns best. Everyone deserves as much time as you can possibly give them to help them learn. No one learns at the same pace. To expect all students to "get it" at the same time is ridiculous.

Giving praise.....even for just trying is essential. Successfully learning the topic at hand is important but effort is equally important if not more important. Simply saying "great job!" or "great effort!" or even "you are working so hard...I am proud of you" will yield positive results.

Mentoring is the best part of my job. When a kid comes to me for help, it is a really good feeling. But when they come to me because they are feeling down or needs some advice, that is when I know that I am really making a difference and exactly where I am supposed to be.

Favorite Subjects

Basic Mathematics, Study Skills, Learning Strategies, Statistics, Reading, Health Sciences


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