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Maleeya Weber


Grade(s): Middle School

Location: TX


HEY!! I'm back did you miss me??? no okay. :( lol joking you don't have to miss me I just wanted to say Hi and how are you doing today? GOOD THAT'S GOOD! Well i have to go eat....

SPAGHETTI~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't care if i spelled that wrong loliez!!

AND A LITTLE FYI I ADD STUFF EVERYDAY JUST ASK ME AT SCHOOL TANKS(get it like a fish tank? I'm so funny!!! I'm not well okay then... Awkward...) BYE NOW PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

ATTENTION: Joanna you're awesome and pretty this song is for you madam' you're welcome tell me if you like it :) <3

this is called the Joanna song, eh-hem let me clear my throat okay better,JOANNA BANANA DUN DUN DUN DANNANA YEAH BUM BUM BUM BUM MHMMMMMMM THE JOANNA BANANA!!!!!!!! YEAH!YOU'RE THE AW-SOM-EST PER-SON EVER YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN..

im not trying to offend you:)

tell me if you want me to make a song for you<3 TY:)

Like Ashley, Maddie, Mia, Anisty, Dalaney, Natasha, Or even boys but you know bye

Just tell me at school bye!!<3<3

Hi lovie dovies:) how are y'all??

all my friends call me this The great and powerful person (To lame) lol

Anyways that it im just goingto go eat dinner baaaaiiii!!!!!(bye)

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