Marie E. Arriaga


The key components in my 4E Educational Outreach are how I focus my attentions on sharing knowledge through community advocacy programs and technology to build a community of lifelong learners.


My academic background includes an Individualized B.A. from Metropolitan State University with a Minor in Training and Adult Development. I currently attend Walden University where I am working towards a M.S. in Adult Learning with a Specialization in Online Teaching. My plans include completing a Graduate Certificate in both Service Learning and Gerontology by the end of my master's work in May, 2014.

Career Objective: Community Educator & Workshop Facilitator
• Seniors & Caregivers
• Adult Digital Literacy
• Community College Service Learning
• Adults Returning To College

Feel free to contact me at Marie.E.Arriaga@Live.com with any questions or comments on the Sophia tutorials listed under my profile.

Favorite Subjects

Creative Writing, Psychology, Humanities, Education, Family and Consumer Science


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