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Marie Larcara


Dr. Larcara’s professional career includes teaching from middle and high school through the college graduate level. As a New York State certified English teacher, Marie was innovative in reading/writing workshop, differentiation, integrating technology, interdisciplinary planning, and literacy strategies. Marie is also a Fellow of the Western New York Writing Project. Marie has taught, trained, and designed at the college level for eight years. She has worked as an instructional designer, trainer, and pedagogical expert in online course design. Marie earned a master’s degree with a specialization in online teaching and learning and her doctorate is in teacher leadership. Her doctoral research was on the role of the online adjunct in higher education. With two degrees in education which focus on technology and learning, and diverse experience in K-20 education, Marie specializes in the effective and purposeful use of technology for learning. Emerging technologies, new literacies, and differentiating instruction to benefit all learners is also an area of expertise. She currently serves as an Instructional Designer for a private college in Buffalo, NY where she supports faculty in the effective use of technology in the classroom and in making the move to online teaching and learning.

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