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Marissa McKenzie


Grade(s): Middle School

School: Corner Brook Intermediete

Location: CA


I love kittens because their soooooooooooo cute and fluffy, I love Gravity Falls because it's sooooooo mysterious, I love watching movies with popcorn, of course. I am addicted to the new Gravity Falls show, "The Society Of The Blind Eye". this show is where Old man McGucket, Mabel, Dipper, and Soos find people erase people's minds because the mysterious town called Gravity Falls. Before people got their mind's erased, the people who seen abnormal things, they couldn't get to sleep at night. But after the Society Of The Blind Eye people erased their mind, they forgot about the abnormal things they seen and didn't know who they were, they forgot everything. Apparently, Old Man McGucket was a genius before he erased his own memory, leaving nothing but emptiness in his mind for thirty years. the people of the blind eye kept his memory and he was trying to find it because Dipper thought he was the author of the journal he owns. So they seen the Old Man's memory, and everybody was shocked. After, he decided to start building himself up again, he is starting to get smarter, which is good. Old man McGucket sees Dipper's journal, and he sees something familiar and Grunkle Stan is secretly working on the piece of technology the old man seemed to be familiar with. It seems like a portal in case of an apocalypse, which I know is happening because the Grunkle Stan has been talking about it to Robbie V. in the first season. and the animal I love the best is my 23 pound cat, Winter McKenzie. even though you might think that is a lot of weight, it accurately isn't that heavy once you get used to it. Winter has emerald green eyes, a light pink nose, long whiskers and tail, and he is really nice compared to my old cat, Skampy. She used to hiss at anyone who came at my old house, she used to claw up the bottom of my mom and dad's bed and used to jump in the hole she made and just stay there for who knows how long. Skampy scratched me once, my dad said to my mom, "That's it, were putting her down." my mom or dad didn't want me getting hurt by my own crazed cat when I was a baby, so they put her down. But around grade one, we got Winter. He is the best cat ever! I love him soooooooooooo much! He loves his food, he's 23 pounds and counting... Even though he's fat, he is still adorable

Favorite Subjects

Geometry, Reading, Public Safety

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