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Ummm, this task is a challenge for me because I am not used to writing my "bio." Problems abound: Do I start at the beginning (but where is the beginning?) Do is start now (but how does on define "now"--time? place? work?) Do is look at the epic formula and start in medias res (but what is the "middle" of my life, especially since I committed to my wife that I would live with her until age 94?)

Let's just say that I am married, I have five daughters (aging from 29 to 17), I have my PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from UNC-Greensboro, I work as an academic dean and I am in the process of taking my first MOOC.

I have been encouraging my faculty for 3-5 years to "flip their classes" with mixed results. However, once I have completed the various activities here, I will share this information with my 40 full time faculty to add another resources to the ones I have already shared with them.


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