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Martin Flaherty


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


I am a former Marine turned Catholic high school teacher, devoted to carrying out God's will in my daily life. I believe that it is my vocation to educate Catholics about their faith. I find that this is a beautiful time to be apart of this endeavor, as there is an organic resurgence of the quality of education within the Catholic school system growing. This movement is being carried out by many young Catholic men and women who graduate from colleges and universities that teach in conformity with the Magisterium, and then go on to educate young minds in Catholic schools. I am one of these young Catholic educators, schooled in Theology and Philosophy, who has devoted himself to the "Reform of the 'Reform". I, like so many others, see that a successful way to bring the the Church back to Her former prowess is to properly catechize the children. So much that is wrong in the Church today can be attributed to a lack of proper formation! I left the battle lines in the Marine Corps to join the faithful in their fight to bring Christ back to the world, one bright mind at a time.

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Philosophy, Religion, Latin

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