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Michael D. Davis


Michael is a professional photographer and nationally recognized photo coach, consultant and mentor to aspiring and professional photographers.

Michael's teaching experience includes long distance mentoring via phone and computer, in person workshops and classroom education. He currently teaches community education courses in Digital Photography, part time, at Rogue Community College in Medford, Oregon.

Michael's goal is to coach individual photographers to greater accomplishments in their personal and business photography pursuits.

Michael is interested in new opportunities to provide his professional photography and coaching experience to benefit the existing and future needs of individuals and companies throughout the United States.

Niche marketing and sales consulting; creative and technical skills training and development; image editing, review and critique; digital asset management; team workshop and seminar presentations; 1:1 training and mentoring; branding and identity marketing program development; creative concept development; public speaking and presentations

Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, Time Management, Creative Writing, Film, Business, Photography, Space Sciences, Education, Journalism, Media, Communications


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