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Mrs. T Tomassi


Subject(s): Year 5 and 6 (4th and 5th Grade)

Grade(s): Other

School: DoDEA

Location: VA



Videos will center on 4th, 5th-grade literacy, and 4th, 5th, 6th-grade social studies with integrated writing.

Pre-Fall 2016
I teach 4th Grade for Andersen Elementary and also part of the Andersen Accelerated Academy team.

My interests are many :)
and include Assessment for Learning (AFL), Literacy, Educational Technology, creativity, giftedness, PBIL, Marine and Space Science, conservation, sustainability and more (yes...I am truly an elementary teacher at heart)! I think STEAM covers a lot of the above..sorry!

Starting the transition to the Common Core Standards and now the New Florida Standards, while teaching the NGSS Standards for FCAT 2.0.

I enjoy investigating student progression and rate of improvement (ROI).

Just imagine...

This year I am working to Flip my 4th grade classroom.

Favorite Subjects

Philosophy, Sciences, Mathematics, Learning Strategies, Literature, Reading, Spanish


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