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Newton Campos


With almost 20 years of experience in Business Development for technology and educational services, Newton Campos has been known as a guy who makes things happen through the use of innovative actions and reliable networks (please see references below).

Having lived in four different continents, in Brazil, Australia, Spain, India and France, and having passed through respected companies and academic institutions like ORT Institute of Technology, PUC-SP Catholic University of Sao Paulo, PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers, Telefonica, IIM Indian Institute of Management, FGV-SP Getulio Vargas Foundation and IE Business School, Newton has developed a long list of successful achievements in Business Development and Higher Education arenas.

Currently, Newton is based in Spain, working with the brilliant group of people that build some of the best blended programs in the world, all ranked top 5 in their categories.

In parallel, Newton keeps researching, teaching, conferencing and writing cases on the creation of entrepreneurial projects in emerging economies.

Favorite Subjects

History, Philosophy, Religion, Business, Sociology


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