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Nik Zakrewsky


I am 10 years old, going into 5th grade in Florida. I take martial arts classes twice per week, have a Wizards 101 account, and love to play X-Box games online with friends. I go fishing on the Indian River across the street, go bike riding, skateboarding, play basketball have Nerf gun wars, play with my air soft guns and of course go to the beach a half mile away lots! I have 3 sisters and 3 step brothers and hundreds of cousins.

Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, Basic Mathematics, Anthropology, Basic Science, History, Archeology, Time Management, Geometry, Chemistry, Music, Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Physics, Statistics, Fine Arts, Space Sciences, Design, Applied Sciences, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Journalism, Media, Communications, Law, Military Sciences, Physical Education, Transportation

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