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Olivia ramirez


Hi my name is Olivia some peeps call me Oli I have a,mom,dad,and a family.(I don't work at a button factory.)I go to Santa Cruz Catholic School and I am the oldest of my 6 year old brother and my 1 year old sister.I like to design clothing,collect,play with legos,play minecraft,and play with my China doll,that is posing on my desk.My favorite movie is, well , I like a whole lot of different movies like,Corpse bride,Nightmare before Christmas,Steel Magnolias,and many more of those oldie movies.My favorite food is bow-tie pasta,with white sauce,and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.(I know, very detailed...)Last but certainly not least is my birthday,October 19,2001.:-)

Favorite Subjects

Creative Writing, Film, Chinese, Religion, Earth Sciences, Music, Photography, Theater, Japanese, Visual Arts, Reading, Spanish

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