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Patty Thorsen


By training, I have undergraduate degrees in political science, and library science; I have a master's degree in library and information science. I am no longer in the paid workforce due to my cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and arthritis. I have a good command of the English language, in both verbal, and written communication. For 24 years, I worked in the legal publishing industry; I did proofreading, database testing, legal research & development work, law library cataloguing, and reference services; and competitive intelligence research. I worked as a reader with a woman, who is blind. I tested the compatibility of the JAWS screen reading software with the computerized legal research service I tested. Currently, I am volunteering with a local museum doing prospect research regarding potential donors to a museum. I am volunteering with the Family History Library to index digital genealogy records within their collection. I love to research my own family tree. I write three blogs: Patty's Epilepsy Chronicles; Patty's Portrayals; and Patty's Ponderings. I am developing a website, Patty's Pathfinders, which describes the types of information resources online, how to assess those resources, as well as suggested websites I have found valuable. I am interested in developing a dialogue among individuals who have seizures, medical professionals, who work with them, and people who observe seizures. I am not sure of the form this will take. For now, I am channeling this interest through my blogs. I have been using Twitter, and online blogs, e-letters, and such to become more aware of others with the same interest, and dedication. Childhood experience with teasing, and bullying have nurtured a deep interest in curbing these them. Beyond one-on-one, informal education regarding my disabilities, I have done little in this regard. I would be interested in collaborating with anyone so interested. In 2012, I will be researching Catholic Church reform. I know little, and seek much to support my research and writing. I love to learn about new online research resources.

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Composition, Creative Writing, Religion, Learning Strategies, Political Science, Health Sciences, Journalism, Media, Communications, Library, Museum Studies


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