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Paul Hannan


Subject(s): Sociology, World History, AP World History, Economics, US History, Geography, Psychology, various technology courses, and professional development for educators.

Grade(s): Middle School / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / College / Other

Location: MN


Curious human, educator, and creative thinker.

Paul was a classroom educator for a 7 years with a focus on tech-integration and authentic student learning and assessment. He's passionate about taking learning outside the textbook and classroom into the real world (whether that be the digital world or physical one). He has knowledge of many of the social sciences including Sociology, Psychology, and World History. Paul has spoken to a number of audiences about how technology can improve student's learning and experience with education.

Outside of the classroom your most likely to find Paul on a soccer pitch, behind a camera, or glued to his ipad.

Favorite Subjects

History, Chinese, Film, Economics, Photography, Geography, Political Science, Space Sciences, Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Education


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