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Plamen Miltenoff


Plamen Miltenoff is information specialist at Learning Resources & Services (LRS) of St. Cloud State University (SCSU) in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Plamen Miltenoff holds Ph.D in Educational Leadership from University of North Dakota and Ph.D. in Education and Psychology from Shoumen University, Bulgaria. His graduate degree in Library and Information Science is from Dominican University and his graduate degrees in history are from University of Florida, Vienna University, Austria and Sofia University, Bulgaria with additional studies from the former Soviet Union, Salzburg University in Austria and UVM in Vermont.
Plamen Miltenoff teaches classes and workshops on the use of synchronous and asynchronous tools of communication and Web 2.0, social media, multimedia and Web development and design. His professional interests include new technologies in education, online interaction among faculty and students, and multimedia, interactive and Web development in education.

Favorite Subjects

History, Anthropology, German, Education, Journalism, Media, Communications, Library, Museum Studies