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Rachel Czestler


Grade(s): Middle School


I'm sorry, Rachel seems to be helping Captain America (and The Falcon) track down The Winter Soldier and is unavailable at this time. Please come back soon, and she will get back to you ASAP. You may leave a message after the beep. She MIGHT return your call. *BEEEP*

Update: Hey, I'm Rachel. As you can tell, I like Captain America, and most every super-hero related thing under the sun (and under every other sun in the galaxy). Mostly Marvel stuff though. I don't like DC as much (but they're still cool). In addition to that, I like video games (like Epic Mickey, anything LEGO and Legend of Zelda) and action movies (pretty much any one). I watch too many TV shows to count; think of any awesome action-packed fantastical mystery show, and I probably watch it. I love reading and writing too, I read mysteries, fantasies, the occasional realistic fiction, sci-fi, and adventures! I do occasional drawings as well, usually exchanging them with friends. If you need any more info, either look at my profile picture (Bucky will tell you everything), look at my favorite subjects (that explains a LOT about me), or send me a message (if you don't mind (some) spoilers or possibly being reported to Google because you sent me a creepy anonymous email). Well, got to go. I must help Captain America! Winter Soldier, I WILL FIND YOU!!! *runs away into the sunset with Captain America and The Falcon*

Error: Call Disconnected. Please redial and try again (or leave a message after the beep). Rachel will get back to you as soon as she prevents New York City from spontaneously exploding (with the help of The Falcon and Captain America (and The Winter Soldier, depending on if she found him yet), of course!) *BEEEP*

Favorite Subjects

Basic Science, Dance, History, Arabic, Archeology, Film, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Chinese, Chemistry, French, Music, Sciences, Earth Sciences, Photography, Physical Sciences, German, Greek, Physics, Theater, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Space Sciences, Japanese, Literature, Latin, Reading, Biology, Criminal Justice, World Languages, Engineering, Health Sciences, Journalism, Media, Communications, Law, Military Sciences


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