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Rachel Hamrick


Grade(s): Middle School


I am a single mother of three wonderful girls. Teaching is my passion, and I have been doing so for ten years. I have taught eighth grade through college, with the subjects ranging from Advanced Composition, AP Language and Literature Composition, Creative Writing, and honors and traditional English and Language Arts classes. I am also a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army National Guard. Coaching junior high softball, eighth grade girls' basketball, and high school softball, along with my daughters, keeps me so busy!

I have an Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in English, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a Minor in Writing, a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English, Journalism, and Communications, grades 5-12, and am currently working towards a Master of Arts in English. I will then work towards my PhD in English.

Favorite Subjects

Composition, Creative Writing, English as a Second Language, Career Writing, Linguistics, Literature, Reading, Speech / Rhetoric, Education, Journalism, Media, Communications, Military Sciences


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