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Richard Pech


Grade(s): Middle School

School: Jordan Intermediate

Location: TX


Alright ladies and gentlemen, my name is Richard M. Pech. I was born in the very cold of Massachusetts on December 28, 2003. 3 days after Christmas. My dad was in the military but retired. That's how I met president George W. Bush. I also went to Hawaii. It was awesome. I even go to go on the battleship USS Missouri at the naval base, Pearl Harbor. Anyway, I am a really smart boy. The STAAR Test is a minor obstacle to me. I barely even have obstacles. So, I might as well blast my way through 5th grade and the STAAR Test. I hope you people do so as well. I am currently at my awesome house where I am comfortable most. I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I love Star Wars. IF YOU WANT, you could follow me if you like Star Wars.

Wait what do I say?... Oh okay; I know now.Anyway, bye for now. PEACE OUT :D. [I love playing battleship]


1. I met George W. Bush the president at Walter Reed Hospital
2. Am I a video game lover? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. I'm kinda good a drawing and art.
4. My brother was born in Hawaii. Specifically on the island of Oahu where Pearl Harbor is.
5. It's like my profile pic is very popular. What do you think?
6. I saw The Lego Movie. Have you? If you haven't go see it. It's awesome and funny!
7. I have arachnophobia. Gives me the chills.
8. Wanna know my nickname. It is … THE SCIENCE GUY. Get it. Like Bill Nye the Science guy. Heh Heh. No okay. I was called this in third grade because I was really smart in science. Like it? If not, TO BAD!!!!! [sorry]
9. I have friends too. [Like everybody else]. My friends are Logen, David and many more.
10. ASDF MOVIES ARE AWESOME AND FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH THEM NOW!!!!!!! JK! [just kidding]

Favorite Subjects

Basic Mathematics, Basic Science, History, English, Music, Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Geography, Space Sciences, Reading, Social Studies, Education, Military Sciences

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