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Rozi Tah


Subject(s): IELTS

Grade(s): College / Other

Location: VI


I am an English teacher and have taught English in Singapore, Bangladesh, Morocco, Russia, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. I started teaching in 1994 and enjoy meeting people from different countries. I don’t just think of myself as a teacher but as a student too, because I learn as much from my students as they do from me. It’s a wonderful exchange!

Now, I am a freelance teacher and I try to help students who are learning English online. My students now are also from many different countries around the world and I absolutely love talking to them!

In my free time, I like watching films, doing some arts and crafts as well as making some clothes on my sewing machine. I enjoy being creative. At the same time, I am also studying for my Masters degree in Applied Linguistics.

I have two young children and a very helpful husband. When we have time, we like going to the beach or to a cafe. I love Thai food as it is so spicy. My love affair with food has always been ‘The spicier the better!’ If I have the time, I try to cook some Asian food in the kitchen but in my experience, it has always been a disaster!

Thanks for reading my profile!

Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, Composition, Time Management, English, Creative Writing, English as a Second Language, Linguistics, Learning Strategies, Literature, Reading, Humanities


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