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Ruth Lemon


I'm not sure, should I copy and paste some bio information here? It seems like there is already a lot about me online... so we'll keep it short and sweet.

I am interested in teaching and learning, cooking, travelling, languages, reading... I love computers and I have been a professional student. I never really left school, going straight into university and learning both in and out of academic forums since 1995.

Favorite Subjects

Composition, Study Skills, Dance, History, Time Management, Film, Geometry, Chemistry, Creative Writing, Philosophy, English, Earth Sciences, Sciences, Music, English as a Second Language, Photography, Mathematics, Linguistics, Physics, Learning Strategies, Theater, Statistics, Space Sciences, Fine Arts, Literature, Computer Science, Reading, Social Sciences, Speech / Rhetoric, Design, World Languages, Education, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Media, Communications, Library, Museum Studies, Physical Education


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