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Sara Zschernitz


Hi Everyone! My name is Sara Zschernitz and I live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with my wonderful husband, Zachary. Here is a little more about me...

B.S. in Ministry and Social Science from Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN.
M.S. in Human Services and Gerontology from Capella University.

My past work and internships have instilled a great desire in me to support intergenerational programming within communities and churches. However, it turns out that there are not paid opportunities to do this within churches and very few openings elswhere to occupationally live out this desire.
With that said, I am currently looking to find the right job for me, and participating in opportunities recreationally that support my endeavor.

My ideal job would be a women's ministry director position for a non-denominational church in the Twin Cities.

According to the Myers-Briggs and Keirsey personality assessments, I am and ENFJ, Idealist, Teacher/Mentor. In short, I love to help the people and organizations that I am a part of to acheive their best. I am also able to read the intentions and character of others with extreme accuracy.
I am dedicated to lifelong learning and engage in regular assessments of myself and any organization I may be involved with to encourage our best.

In my free time, I enjoy DIY projects, spending quality time with my husband, going on adventures, frequenting establishments that support personal expression of the arts within the community, reading, writing, and studying the Bible.

Favorite Subjects

Creative Writing, Religion, Linguistics, Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Design, Divinity, Education


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