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Sarah Lara


Grade(s): Middle School / Other


Location: TX


Animal Lover

My family:

Dad: Edward G Lara, was in the military.
Mom: goes to school, and teaches my little sister
big brother(Edward)is in the military(marines),is an awesome big brother
big brother(Benjamin)in high school, makes you laugh like crazy
big brother(William) is an middle school and lives to play football!
Me: I have 4 brothers ,and one sister, two dogs and, one guinea pig- animal lover
Little brother(Phillip) was a awesome little brother-was killed when he was only five years old- by a drunk driver. loved to play out side, every day, and play with is light saber- Star wars.
Little sister(Gabriella) love to IRK you, and love to play, in the pool.

Bauer(male dog) Love to be lazy and lay on you lap.
Greta(female dog)Loves to play fetch with you, and loves to cuttle.
Dakota(male guinea pig) Very shy and doesn't wan't to hurt any one- Very Fluffy!

Favorite Subjects

Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Design

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