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I love that I come from Kansas. It was a great place to build character and learn that I was strong, despite my best efforts.

I also loved that I moved away from Kansas. Using the excuse of earning my BFA in Photography at the University of Arizona, I packed my strength with my character and left.

Now I live in Santa Barbara, CA and have never felt more at home in any place.

It was in Kansas that I picked up my father's camera, in Arizona that I learned how to control it, and California that I make my career by it.

To date I have taught over 1000 students how to control their cameras and create more interesting images in my online and face-to-face classes. I have the best job on Earth and consider myself to be one of the lucky ones.

About Me:
I am easy going, honest, and hard working.

Interested In:
Photography, Gardening, Laughing

Online CV and samples of work may be seen at

Favorite Subjects

History, Earth Sciences, Photography, Fine Arts, Education


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