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Sharron Heath


Grade(s): Middle School



Hi Everyone;

My name is Sharron Heath and I am a Pre-Engineering Technology teacher at Lewis and Clark Middle School in Yakima Washington. We are an inner city school serving kids in grades 6 - 8. I teach a STEM curriculum at each grade level, and am working hard to incorporate as much relevant math and science as I can into my technology and engineering projects. I am enjoying using the tutorials on to teach my kids (and sometimes myself) concepts related to current projects. It's great not having to completely reinvent the wheel each time I choose to try a new project.

Before becoming a STEM teacher, I was a district level Information Technology Director for a mid sized school district here in Washington. My Education background started with a BA in Math Education, later adding a M.ED in Educational Supervision and Leadership and finally earning an Administrative Credential. My current job requires lots of Career and Technical Education Certs as well. Guess I should start hanging some of these up as I would look pretty important!!! Just kidding. My kids probably wouldn't be that impressed. What really excites them are things like a Maglev Track or a Bridge Buster . To tell you the truth, I'm with them !

My philosophy of teaching is pretty basic. I believe that if I can present the students with a relevent challenge, a comfortable learning environment, and adequate materials, structure and base knowledge, they will do what they do best, get creative, solve problems, work collaboratively and make connections. I love to set up activities and then toss in math and science concepts that they have to work through in order to move to the next level. Talk about motivation!

I've been working on my website lately. You can view some of my lessons and see lots of picts of my students in action here.

Thanks for reading!

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