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Siegrid Fulkerson-Gorman


Grade(s): Middle School


I have taught and coached for over 30 years on all levels from preschool to undergrads.

I have a double major undergrad and a masters degree.

I am especial fond of exercise physiology and kinesiology .
I am a health information sponge.

Since I have been a teacher at St Joseph School as a physical education teacher, athletic director and middle school basketball coach for 28 1/2 as well as a volunteer coach at Parks and Rec. for 17 years.) my primary goal has been to improve the facilities in which I teach and to improve the playground inspiring students to "move" during recess. I raised $26,000 in grants in 6 months to do this adding a running track, fitness machines and many other improvements.

My basketball teams and I as well as the boy's teams have raised well over$100,000.00 over the years to add new scoreboards, new glass backboards, a wood floor, new bleachers, pull- up bars and other fitness equipment. Our goal was to make sure the school need not fund our projects.

While at Western Kentucky University, as a part time assistant men's and women's track coach (this was after school) I raised money and attained sponsorships for meets, uniforms, warm ups, and other needs. I was on the track but found that my main gift was to get what the team needed for free or at lower costs and to fund raise. Our head coach used to say "you raise more money than you make". I was there for 30 years.

Favorite Subjects

Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Physical Education


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