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Steven Caldwell


Grade(s): Middle School


Churchill Fellow & Middle School teacher who explores about how gameplay and mindfulness shape character & foster deep, reflective & active learning.

Key to my professional practice is...

1. Play - I emphasise the value in learning through narrative play across interdisciplinary domains.

2. Stopping the teaching to maximise the learning. It's not about being a better teacher and filling the room with sound but about providing opportunities for students to occupy their own learning process.

3. Compassionate communication. Training in meditation and Nonviolent communiucation has shaped how I communicate. I continue to be a Facilitator of Mindfulness meditation workshops for staff and students.


creative thinking, social networking for learning,instructional design design, blogging, construction of integrated units of inquiry, creative play, use of iWork suite, innovator with virtual worlds and games

Favorite Subjects

History, Composition, Film, English, Creative Writing, Archeology, Religion, French, Learning Strategies, Theater, Literature, Reading


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