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Susan Rodriguez


Subject(s): STEM

Grade(s): Other

School: Whiteriver Unified School District

Location: AZ


After 10+ years of inspiring students in my own classroom, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to inspire students, teachers, and schools across America.

Who is Susan?
Susan Rodriguez is a STEM Curriculum Developer for a school district on a reservation in the White Mountains of Arizona, with a student population of 99% English Language Learners. She started her career teaching in a one-room schoolhouse (Kindergarten through 6th grade) in a national park in California. She moved to teaching children with special needs and then continued her career in Arizona. She has taught Preschool through 6th Grade more than 10 years.

Susan is a lifelong learner, who wishes to provide the best possible education for her students. Susan is a National Board Certified Teacher for Early-Middle Childhood Literacy Reading Language Arts. Susan currently writes STEM Curriculum and then models effective teaching strategies and student engagement techniques to the teachers in her district. Susan is an active blogger and speaks at conferences around the nation to promote STEM in rural schools as a way to incorporate Common Core Standards and technology. She has a saying that “Common Core is the ‘what’; STEM PBL is the ‘how’”.

Susan is a grant writer, and has been awarded an Interpretive Trail, a STEM garden, and Science Camp just this year alone. She volunteers her time in a STEM Club at the local Boys and Girls Club because she feels that, “they are all our children”. Susan includes an element of family involvement in all her STEM units, whether they be comprehensive units or smaller STEM Club lessons.

Even though Susan is known around the nation, she does not take herself too seriously. In fact, you can find her in funny outfits (butcher paper lab coats and Dr. Seuss hats included). That is, if you can find her. She is a strong believer in the classroom as Base Camp and spends most of her time outside with students.
What am I passionate about?
I'm passionate about literacy. As a National Board Certified Teacher for Literacy, I seek ways to embed Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening into all STEM units.

What is my purpose?
After sitting through hundreds of hours of professional development and over 10,000 hours in my classroom alone, I know how overwhelmed teachers can be. My purpose is to provide full-service STEM curriculum and consulting services to schools across America for a Hopeful Future.


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