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Tamara Ellsworth


Subject(s): math and physical sciences

Grade(s): Middle School / 9 / 11 / 12


Location: MN


I teach physical science, chemistry, physics and 7th grade math at a rural, central Minnesota high school.

When I first started teaching (way back in 1996) I wanted to help students become competitive in the science fields and lead productive, fulfilling lives. I have a broader passion to help students build strong foundations in math and science and maybe change the mindset of students who were intimidated by these courses.

I believe that 7th grade math is so important because it is a strong foundation for the algebra the must learn next year. Plus, all these concepts are very important fundamentals to succeed in all upper level math classes. I am passionate about teaching all of my subjects well, however chemistry has special meaning to me.

In chemistry, I prepare college-bound students who need this subject for their future career. Careers like nursing, teaching, industry, food, agriculture, any medical field and more. My premise is: If students can master chemical concepts in high school then they will succeed in college chemistry, in which college chemistry can be too intimidating that can hinder many from obtaining their dreams.

All of the subjects I teach are challenging because they are abstract and difficult. I’m constantly evolving as a teacher to assist in student learning. Sometimes I hear teachers comment, “Why re-invent the wheel” when teachers contemplate different curriculum or strategies. But the truth is... students are changing at "warp" speed. I'm always reinventing or learning many methods and strategies to change with our students and help them learn. I’ll use formative assessments, labs, visual strategies, computer generated simulations, project-based learning activities, tutorials and video clips to help students learn the concepts.

Favorite Subjects

Chemistry, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics


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