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Tatiana Kavvadia


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Since 2007 I took the role of transmitting the knowledge of a foreign language not only as words or different sounds, but the meaning behind them, the different ways people use them, their culture and their history throughout the years. I have started this transmission in the ancient city of Rome, where I was exchanging cultural and verbal knowledge of Greece, Ancient Greece with Rome and Ancient Rome. Moving on to the UK after 3 years, I continued this ritual as I believe that I am doing to Britons which showed great response and interest for the New and Old Greece respectively. The last year I have been playing around with the Greek Language with also 10 year olds which create themselves a very humoristic and colorful aura into the Greek Language as they intend to be amazed by the Ancient Myths and the greek words themselves sound soooo funny!!

Finally I believe my theatre studies all these years have never gone to waste as I thought at the start and helped me gained the interest and praise from lots of students who sometimes call me the Modern Socrates. Of course I cannot claim to be a philosopher, not even in my craziest dreams, but I want to believe that I am a teacher who uses in her method the Socratic questioning ( in my own special way) to externalize their Greek Side.

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