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teacher baker


Subject(s): 5th Grade Flipped Learning Program (FLP)

Grade(s): Middle School / Other

School: Hilton Head Elementary International Baccalaureate

Location: SC


Flipped 5th Grade Teacher: Flipping the Learning has been the greatest story of my long career in education. We are preparing students for careers which do not exist today! Embrace the future! Coker College graduate~ Bachelor's Degree History, Physical Education minor. Master of Arts Degree UNC-G United States History/World History.I hold a South Carolina Professional Educator Certificate in Elementary Education, Middle School Social Studies, and Secondary History. My teaching experiences range from K-12. I have a passion for research/ learning and guiding students to discover their own unique passions within. "Teachers and Students Learning Together."

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Basic Mathematics, Study Skills, Basic Science, History, Mathematics, Learning Strategies, Computer Science, Design, Education, Social Studies, Journalism, Media, Communications


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