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Terry Pernsteiner


Hello, I am a visual spatial learner with ADD, as is one of my sons. My strength is mostly in areas that demand an emotional IQ. My experience is in Land Development, building, photography and transportation. My business success depends on strength in communication and strategic political dynamics, which create win-win solutions for all parties. In order to accurately assess, the real desires of all parties of complicated scenarios, one has to think globally... The real answers are often more existential, or philosophical in dynamics, simply appearing as black and white. I have an understanding of architecture, design, and political dynamics and simply put people. I use math and science in the areas of: Applied Sciences of - Design -Engineering - Environmental Studies - Forestry - Law - Transportation. Also, other areas of: Humanities are - Philosophy, Earth Sciences, Social Behavioral Sciences - Sociology, Visual and Performing Arts of - Music and Photography.

I am most passionate in any efforts to open the door to the other misunderstood, late blooming types that have been labeled ADD, ADHD, OCD and others. People, that have allowed themselves to think less of themselves and their abilities, only to discover they have the real definition of gifted when they break the self limiting agreements in their heads and hearts.

Favorite Subjects

Fine Arts, Divinity


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