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Travis Russell


Grade(s): 9


Location: TX


favorite book fear and loathing in las vegas

favorite character gonzo

qoute there is nothing more depraved and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge

love ally boucher

Favorite Subjects

Arabic, Dance, Study Skills, Basic Mathematics, Composition, History, Anthropology, Basic Science, Archeology, Film, English, Agriculture, Time Management, Chinese, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Geometry, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Sciences, Area Studies, Algebra 1, French, English as a Second Language, Music, Architecture, Religion, Algebra 2, Photography, Economics, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, German, Business, Linguistics, Trigonometry, Career Writing, Theater, Learning Strategies, Geography, Greek, Physics, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Political Science, Computer Science, Space Sciences, Japanese, Statistics, Literature, Latin, Social Sciences, Biology, Reading, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Design, Portuguese, Speech / Rhetoric, Humanities, Sociology, Spanish, Divinity, Communications, World Languages, Social Studies, Applied Sciences, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Family and Consumer Science, Forestry, Health Sciences, Journalism, Media, Communications, Calculus 1, Law, Library, Museum Studies, Military Sciences, Nursing, Physical Education, Public Administration, Public Safety, Social Work, Transportation


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