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vivek biswakarma


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


I am a graduate from University of Delhi, 2008 and Post Graduate in Political science specialization in International Relations from Delhi University 2011. I am a Post - Graduate Teacher and have taught in coaching institute for 2 years, curriculum of IGCSE and ISC History and Political Science. I currently teach IGCSE and A Level Modern History in an International school affiliated to edexcel UK. I am writing a summary on World since 1919- 1945 (Sample paper on E.H. Carr work) I like to sit around and discuss politics and comparative study of world democratic nations like USA, UK and INDIA. My Hobby is listening to music and read articles of politics

I am self-motivated and enthusiastic person with strong passion to develop my career in teaching profession. I bring to my work a commitment to teach, a willingness to work collaboratively with others and a strong desire for quality outcome.

Teaching high school history classes means having studied history, economics, education, and English, and having completed a student-teaching internship.
World history teachers focus on different civilizations and the countries and kingdoms that dominated the world landscape. Being a world history teacher, I help students prepare for assignments and exams related to world history. I have the opportunity to enhance and influence students' lives and help them interpret the events that have occurred around the world. This is what we do with our students as a daily learning programme.
My teaching is practical , enjoyable , discovering,happening and is well focused in a simple and effective way to meet student needs.

I teach history for reason because ' History is happening'. - Vivek

Favorite Subjects

History, Political Science


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