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Wade Nelson


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


After teaching Physics, Chemistry and 9th Physical Science for 37 years (whew!!), I retired in the spring of 2011. I taught at Mt. Lake HS, a smaller school. In that environment, one must be creative and flexible, since you are the physical science dept. We also had one person who was the biological science dept. Even though I usually had four or five different preps each day, I really enjoyed the small school atmosphere. Teachers are able to build strong relationships with the students, and their parents. Our two daughters felt their educational experiences in a small HS was a real benefit as they continued on through their college careers.

My parents were teachers. My wife is a special ed teacher. And now our oldest daughter is in her fifth year of teaching. (Must be in the genetics!)

I play the guitar and bass guitar. During the summer you will find me in the garden or riding motorcycle. In the winter I will be in my wood shop, working on one sort of project or another.

Favorite Subjects

Chemistry, Physical Sciences, Physics

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