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Wendy Powers


I have been a teacher for 10 years. I started in Oregon and have spend the last 9 years in my home state of Texas. I have taught kindergarten and have spent the last couple of years teaching second grade. I am not only a teacher but the UIL coordinator for my school, on the District Advisory Council, The Visionary Leaders Committee, Language Arts Curriculum writer for the district, the literacy library and science lab coordinator, technology teacher advocate, and have taught as several technology conferences and done technology and professional development in services for my district. All that keeps me very busy at school at home I have three boys....correction 2 boys and a husband along with a dog (Dixie the only other girl in the house) and 2 guinea pigs (Gilbert and Alexander Junior). My boys are 7 and 2 and keep me very busy. I love life, teaching and technology!!!!

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Creative Writing, English as a Second Language, Reading, Education


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