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Will Haltom


Subject(s): Algebra I, Pre-Algebra

Grade(s): 9 / 10

School: Sandra Day O'Connor High School

Location: TX


My career in education began in 2008. I worked as a Para-educator in Lebanon, New Hampshire and had the privilege of working with a creative and vibrant 7th grade student.

He inspired me to pursue a career as a teacher, so I sought certification and was soon accepted to be a Texas Teaching Fellow. I earned certifications in middle school and high school mathematics.

I moved to San Antonio and began student teaching Algebra I at Judson High School. After this, I accepted a job with NEISD at Eisenhower Middle School where I taught Math Workshop for three years. During this time I earned my certification in Special Education.

Now with great pleasure I am Co-teaching Algebra I and Math Models at O'Connor High School.

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