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Wynette Jameson


Subject(s): Journalism, Newspaper

Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

School: Clear Creek High School League City

Location: TX


I have taught journalism at CREEK for over thirty years. I do not have another 30 in me but I will keep going as long as I am having fun. It is the absolute best job in the universe. I know where most of my former editors are today. I know where they are working, how many children they have and so on. The Creek HiLife continues to grow on a daily basis. HiLifers have won Pulitzer Prizes, worked at the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Huffington Post and LA Times to name a few. An assistant director of communications for UIL at the state level is our man. Journalism changes every day so that makes life and teaching very interesting. We keep up with all technology news on a daily basis. Our students have done walk-ons at major universities with just the knowledge they have learned in our room. This year we are blessed with a brand new Mac lab with 27 inch monitors with wireless keyboards and mice/mouses. We take great care of the gifts that we are given so it will continue our winning tradition. We also have a new iPad loaded with the most useful journalism apps. Our keyword is SUCCESS and we get excited about each new happening.

Favorite Subjects

Photography, Psychology, Sociology, Journalism, Media, Communications


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