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Yukino Sakura


My Details:
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Location: Everywhere!!
Eastern Zodiac: Rat
Western Zodiac: Libra
Activities: Anime, Reading fiction books (English), Music, Being Asian!! 8D
Interests: Anime, Cute Things!!! o.o
Favorite Anime: Arriety
Favorite Drama: 宫锁心玉, 宫锁珠帘
Favorite Music: SNSD!!
Favorite Movies: Arriety!!!
Favorite Books: City of Mortal Instruments Series!!!

Favorite Subjects

History, Study Skills, Dance, Basic Mathematics, Basic Science, Geometry, Chemistry, Film, Time Management, Chinese, Music, Religion, Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Photography, Theater, Learning Strategies, Statistics, Japanese, Reading, Design, World Languages, Education, Applied Sciences, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Media, Communications, Library, Museum Studies, Nursing, Social Work, Transportation


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