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Basic Mathematics

Basic Mathematics offers skill support at the foundational level with the mission to increase proficiency and mastery at higher levels within the Mathematics department. Learn to see the world through the mathematical lens and explore how Numbers and Symbols establish patterns within the world around you. By using Basic Number Operations, such as subtraction or division, these patterns are revealed and discovery of new applications, methods and techniques are acquired. Learn the fundamental skills such as Operations with Fractions and Decimals and enhance your comprehension of Decimals and Place Value. As a subject that covers multiple specializations within the Mathematics department, geometric shapes with Angles and Symmetry are explored along with fundamental tools, units, and techniques used in Measuring Area and Volume. Establish solid fundamental concepts, methods and applications in this interdisciplinary subject.

Sophia's Common Core-Aligned Pathways and Tutorials

We want to make it simple for you to begin integrating Common Core-Aligned Lessons into your classroom Our Math Pathways feature in-depth, relevant content that aligns to these new standards. As an added benefit, these Pathways use Sophia’s Many Ways To Learn, an innovative approach that features multiple instructors and teaching techniques to connect with all kinds of learning styles.