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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

When you see someone wearing Nike shoes, would you believe the name is based on a Greek Goddess who is more than a thousand years old? Nike of Samothrace is from the Hellenistic period and yet, she is somehow relevant today. The Fine Art is your passport to seeing the world and reset your Perspective on what is modern today. In Art History, you will explore everything from Experimental Media to The Parthenon, travel to Italy and learn about Michelangelo and Rapheal, but not before you unlock the mysteries of Minoan Art and Ancient Egypt. The Fine Arts are more than just Visual Art or architecture. You can learna about Dance, Film, and Theater, too. Stretch your creative muscles in the Fine Arts and learn to embrace the relevant beauty and expression communicated in the world around you.​

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Visual Communications

Study visual design methods and principles and evaluate how visual design affects communication.

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