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Social Sciences

Social Sciences

While other sciences focus on chemicals, space, and the human body, the Social Sciences focus on communication, society, and human nature. From Psychology to Economics, you will observe and analyze patterns of human behavior and interaction. If you are interested in origins of societies, Anthropology and Archeology investigate how ancient groups of people interacted with each other and their environment over time. What makes the Social Sciences truly scientific is their approach to studying humans in society. Social scientists use research methods such as observation, questionnaires and statistics to develop and test theories about social interaction. Fields such as Communications and Political Science use scientific research of social relationships to explain and improve how individuals view and participate in the world around them. And since conflict is a natural part of life, Conflict Resolution will be a subject that is sure to help with everyday life!​

Social Sciences Courses for College Credit

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Introduction to Psychology

Study the brain, lifespan development, personality, social influence, and psychopathology.

Introduction to Sociology

Learn how individuals and society as a whole understand their collective social realities.

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