Finding Distance

Finding Distance

Author: Jason Fritz

Students will be able to use metric measurements to accurately find the length, width, and height of an object.

Students will be able to use metric merasurements to accuratly find the distance between two objects.

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Distance Excursions and Conversions

Students will find the length, width, or height of a variety of objects using a meter stick. Students will then convert those measurements metrically.

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The METRIC SYSTEM SONG For Kids: Learn Base Unit Prefixes

The Metric System Explained.


The Metric System Song For Kids: A Metric System Music Video

Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters, and Kilometers. Learn all the prefixes to pair with the base units.


Best Hoop Glider Tutorial

Click on hyperlink to go to Best Hoop Glider tutorial right here on Sophia.org

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Using a Ruler/Measuring Line Segments

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NASA Measuring Failure

A brief history of one of NASA's more embarrassing mistakes and the poor choices that led to it. This is what happens when everybody isn't using the same tools.

Source: 1stThings1st

Metric Units of Length

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Lab: Myth Buster - Measuring the Human Body

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How Big Can a Person Get?

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What is Isometric Drawing

What is isometric sketching? Watch as Deysi explains how you can sketch in this way.

Source: Design Squad Nation

Isometric Drawing Activity

Using a small metric ruler accurately and neatly draw the shapes provided. Be sure to make careful measurements.

Hint: measure twice... draw once.

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how to draw a metric SI isometric drawing

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PT: Paper Thing

(Paper Helicopter)

Click on hyperlink to go to PT Paper Thing tutorial right here on Sophia.org

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