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How to get others onboard with your ideas

How to get others onboard with your ideas

Author: Essential Skills


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Let’s put the pieces together. Imagine you have a brilliant idea at your job. Maybe you have a thought around building community at your workplace or restructuring your space to allow for better collaboration. How do you get people on board with your ideas? This takes a lot of the 10 skills to do successfully; innovation to listen and learn from diverse perspectives, problem solving to devise a plan of action and ultimately communication – how are you going to deliver your idea to someone who can help you make it happen?

  • Explain how your idea would solve a problem
  • What’s your story? Why is this important to you?
  • Have a clear and specific focus (not too broad and overwhelming)
  • Casually pitch your idea to colleagues, how do they react?
  • Don’t get frustrated
  • Suggest a trial run, a pilot

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