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Using Sophia for Instruction

Using Sophia for Instruction


This lesson explains Sophia, including its features, major strengths, and major challenges.

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Classroom Instruction using an LMS

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Notes on "Using Sophia for Instruction"

(00:00-00:44) Intro

(00:45-00:56) Objectives

(00:57-05:28) Sophia Features

(05:29-07:57) Strengths and Challenges

 (07:58-08:05) Review

(08:06-08:50) Reflection

Additional Resources

Sophia Teachers' Lounge

This section of the Sophia website provides a place where teachers can post and have their questions answered about using Sophia in their instructional practice. The responses are easy to follow and often include videos and/or screenshots to clarify.

Sophia for Teachers 

This page on the Sophia website helps teachers get started with flipping their lessons and using Sophia as a component of their LMS. Scroll down for free courses on everything that you need to know about bringing your classroom into the 21st century, including how to use Sophia as a helpful tool.