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Sophia offers students more affordable ways to get to and through college, while giving teachers free tools to transform the way they teach.


Whether you are a middle school, high school or adult learner, we can connect you with the free tools you need to achieve your educational goals.

Sophia in the Classroom

With over 37,000 free tutorials designed to appeal to all kinds of learning styles, we have everything you need to perform better in class today and prepare for a successful college career tomorrow.

College Courses

Earn college credit accepted at more than 2,000 universities through Sophia’s self­paced, affordable Pathways for College Credit. You’ll save time and earn your degree faster, so you can keep your life on track and on budget.


Discover a supportive community that puts fresh ideas, tools and technology at your fingertips.

Standards-Aligned Tutorials And Pathways

We know you've been hearing a lot about Common Core, the new state standards for Math and English Language Arts, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. Sophia has the standards-aligned content you need. Our content uses Sophia’s unique Many Ways to Learn approach, that features multiple teachers and teaching styles for each concept, to help your students learn however they learn best.

Sophia for Teachers

Sophia makes it easier than ever to flip your classroom with our free teacher tools for blended learning. Transform your classroom into an active learning environment with our groups, quizzes, and tutorials features. And track student progress every step of the way with our data and analytics.


Get inspired by webinars of real teachers teaching teachers about a variety of pedagogical topics. Check out our schedule of upcoming presentations. Registration is free.

  • Flipped Classroom Webinar with Todd Nesloney
  • 05/07/14 1:00PM - 05/07/14 2:00PM CDT

School of Thought

Insights & Ideas for Online Teaching

April 22, 2014
Celebrate Earth Day!
Authored by: The Sophia Team
Every day is Earth Day! Take a look at these awesome resources you can use in your classroom year-round.
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Sophia was created with a vision of transforming education through a vibrant online community of teachers and learners. Our goal is to provide self­-paced, inspirational and relevant curriculum to learners of all stages and ages.

To achieve our vision, we’ve built a customizable education platform that offers more than 37,000 academic tutorials. Taught by thousands of teachers using our Many Ways model, learners can choose teaching styles that appeal to their own unique way of learning. By combining rich content with online flexibility, we give our community success skills that will last a lifetime.


We've teamed up with exceptional organizations to help students learn.